North American compound wood market and predictions

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According to the U.S. a market analysis consulting company of BCC research report, 2012 north American Plastic wood composite materials and the Plastic wood (Plastic lumber, abbreviation for PL) total market close to 1.03 million t 2012, will further increase to 1.62 million t or so, with annual growth rate (AAGR) increasing at the rate of 9.5%.

Plastic wood is a replacement of materials used in wood products, there are many products, including plastic itself and contain glass fiber, inorganic packing, other reinforced materials materials and does not contain a mixture of resin reinforced material, also have some modification material called a "composite materials", "natural fiber reinforced" plastic is to use wood fiber and plant fiber material, in order to wood fiber packing/strengthening agent plastic a few nouns, the majority of people with "plastic wood composite (WPC), but in the business articles and some literature also present" plastic wood "is another word, so will cause some confusion.

Some large WPC product demand growth will be higher than the general growth, such as the most compelling stamped (decking) has been fully recognized and accepted by consumers, AAGR can reach 9.8%. The old plastic lumber market continues to maintain reasonable good market growth rate, the biggest in the architecture field applications, such as the guardrail, estimated that (2012) consumption has been more than 417000 t, 2012 years will increase for 635000 t. Car market (mainly is the inner decoration) is a natural fiber composite main application fields, the next five years will show a higher growth rate of the market.

PVC and PE (mainly HDPE) is the main WPC market two kind of resin, a large number of application recovery resin (mainly is HDPE) is the market the main driving force of growth, another advantage is using renewable natural fiber.

Use of long service life alternative wood materials, from industry at low cost, consumers can feel appearance all right, and doesn't require like wood to anticorrosive processing, advantage further improved, and lead to many factories and companies to enter the market, the products are expected to use the market higher growth rate of the favorable conditions. A large forest products company to enter the market for this industry WPC provide a lot of key raw material, not only with wood industry WPC industry competition, also with PC industry competition, the expected future 10 years is still WPC and PC mixed with wood and encroach on existing market.

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North American compound wood market and predictions

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North American compound wood market and predictions

This article was published on 2012/03/13