Use Humor for Your Viral Marketing Campaign

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An interactive marketing agency known as Sharpe Partners conducted a research study, which showed that eighty-nine percent of all internet users over the age of eighteen within the United States have a tendency to share the content of informative information with their friends, family, and co-workers through their personal e-mails.  

For business owners all over the world this is valuable information, but for those businesses who rely on the word-of-mouse techniques, which means they sell or market their products through the use of e-mail, then this is excellent information.  This study even gave business owners some valuable insight as to the most popular type of information being forwarded by this percentage of adult internet users, which was surprisingly material containing humor.  Other popular categories in order of popularity included news, healthcare, medical, religious material, games, business or personal finance, sports, and hobbies.

It is no wonder that businesses using humor in their viral e-mail campaigns are being successful.  Simply by adding basic cartoons, funny video clips, or jokes to your e-mail can help ensure the success of your e-mail becoming viral, which means people will be wanting to pass them along to others since they have made them laugh and they want to make someone else laugh as well.

Individuals who receive a humorous e-mail are much more likely to hit forward button in order to send their friends, family, or co-workers something that is informative, but not necessarily an advertisement.  An excellent example of using humor with your viral e-mail marketing campaign happened a couple of years ago when close to thirty-five million individuals received a picture taken at Disneyland through their e-mails.

As these individuals looked at the picture it took them about thirty seconds before realizing that Donald Duck was in front of Cinderella's Castle laying in prone position.  What was so funny about the picture was that it was entitled, " Bird Flu Has Hit Disneyland!"  This was an edgy, but excellent, strategy to make light of a serious problem, while at the same time advertising Disneyland through a viral e-mail.  What was newsworthy was the epidemic of the bird flu, which had the potential to attract the attention of millions, and this e-mail did just that.

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Use Humor for Your Viral Marketing Campaign

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This article was published on 2010/12/07